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Parts packing Solution
1.Genuine Packing with CIS LOGO
Genuine Parts Packingà With full / well design genuine logos, anti-copy feature. OEM Parts Packingà Use the customer’s Logo Blank Parts packingà For customer that do not need Genuine Logo Normally should be one pcs / unit packing.
2.Good Material)
Anti-Rusty bag for Steel engine items.
Cartons for heavy engine/high value parts Small box for piston/piston ring/bearing/bulb/spark plug/ Air cleaner element/Brake shoes
3. Genuine Sticker
Genuine stickers with fix columns format, with necessary information. Same format also can be made for OEM brand packing, blank packing Print by special sticker/bar code printer
4. Part
Should be well protected by different material depend on different parts type.
5. Part no. & Bar Code
should show the correct P/N and Barcode at same time.
6. Date of Packing
Easy tracking the production patch, total packing Q’ty, the goods supplier
7. PACK Q’’ty
For well stock management.
8. Sticker Type Code
Parts number stickers on each parts packing Sticker on Shipping Mark Stickers on Side Mark.
9. well sealed
For single plastic bag packing, the bag should be well sealed, not easy to open unless destroy it.
10. Breathe hole for Normal
In normal parts packing, the breathe hole can help to remove the air inside after packed and sealed. It can reduce the space due to the air inside the bag.
For some engine parts that need lubricant inside, can not have this kind of breathe hole.

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