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1. How Can I Get Help If The ATV Has Some Problems?
Pls ask our dealers for help. If you can not get help, pls derectlytalk to us. We will find a way to solve your problems.

2. Can I Buy One Sample For Quality Test?
Samples are available, but the sample cost and freight are for your account.

3. Has The ATV Been EPA Approved?
We got ATV with 70cc, 110cc and 300cc engine EPA approved at present.

4. Do You Have MOQ Requirement?
No, we have not MOQ requirement for the trial order.

5. What About The Packing?
ATV is packed in an iron pallet with wheels disassembled.

6. Has The ATV Been EEC Approved?
We only got two models (FA-E110 and FA-D300/FA-H300) EEC approved in June, 2006.

7. Can I Place OEM Orders?
Yes, OEM orders are welcomed.

8. Can I Get The ATV Which Comes With Remote Control And Camo Colors?
Remote Control and Camo Colors are available, just plus additional cost.

9. For The New ATV, Why Does The Chain Come A Little Tight?
After you drive ATV for few hours, the chain will go looser.

10. What Should I Do, When I Find The Battery Does Not Work After Starting It A Few Times?

Make sure to drive the ATV at least 10kms, or keep the engine working for 10 minutes after starting it for the first time.

11. Is It Possible To Equip With Turning Lights On The ATV With Less Than 90cc Engine?

It is absolutely possible, just plus ten days more to delivery.
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